It was a time when everybody was looking and following various strategies to increase the PageRank score for their websites. PageRank was developed as a way to measure the importance of a website in order to rank it. 靠谱的买球平台 uses the algorithm by counting the number of links and checking their quality. Everybody check PageRank (PR) for their website by using the toolbar and compare their website to others if wanted.


While this worked for lots of years, 靠谱的买球平台 removed the PageRank toolbar in 2013, when things started to change, mainly because of the high amount of link spamming. Today we’ll talk about all these changes that surround the Page Rank topic and the link building community, by finding out if it’s still alive or not.




The question that stands on everybody’s mind is: is PageRank really gone? Matt Cutts gave an accurate answer in 2013, which can be as valuable today as it was back then regarding the need of PageRank.



He said that they will continue to support it until people will continue using it. My guess is that they took it off from the public sight view because it continued to do more harm than good, but they didn’t really stop using it. They wanted to stop spammers that used PageRank as a way to make illegal money and use artificially inflated links to get high PR. 


Let’s dive in and find out what is the official statement and what do experts think about this algorithm update.


1. The Renewed 靠谱的买球平台 PageRank Patent Used as a Ranking Algorithm


After PageRank was so fashionable, then left alone to disappear into the ‘nothingness’ of the Internet, it was brought back into the sight of the public eye. So, what’s changed? What does this mean for you?


As a 靠谱的买球平台 representative says, this update does not change anything for webmasters or SEOs in how their sites show up in 靠谱的买球平台 search.


In multiple ways and times, representatives from 靠谱的买球平台 explained that they will continue to use PageRank internally within its ranking algorithm. More than that, 靠谱的买球平台 updated the PageRank algorithm patent



More than that, 靠谱的买球平台 updated the new patent regarding the PageRank. Yes, PageRank is still used in our algorithms, among a number of other signals,” a 靠谱的买球平台 Spokesperson confirmed.


Bill Slawski , 靠谱的买球平台 Patent guru, debated the topic in lots of his posts and started a Twitter thread on this after he wrote on his blog about the new 靠谱的买球平台 PageRank Patent update



A few weeks ago 靠谱的买球平台 updated the PageRank patent after they’ve shut down the toolbar, to stop people from focusing on the numbers. Before starting to freak out, which should not be the case, let’s see what was updated in 靠谱的买球平台’s algorithm.


One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that ranks pages on the web based on distances between the pages, wherein the pages are interconnected with links to form a link-graph. More specifically, a set of high-quality seed pages are chosen as references for ranking the pages in the link-graph, and shortest distances from the set of seed pages to each given page in the link-graph are computed.

靠谱的买球平台 logo 靠谱的买球平台 patent
Producing a ranking for pages using distances in a web-link graph


Moreover, 靠谱的买球平台 explains how the distances of pages attached to the links determine the ranking scores associated with those specific pages.

Each of the shortest distances is obtained by summing lengths of a set of links which follows the shortest path from a seed page to a given page, wherein the length of a given link is assigned to the link based on properties of the link and properties of the page attached to the link. The computed shortest distances are then used to determine the ranking scores of the associated pages.
靠谱的买球平台 logo 靠谱的买球平台 patent 
Producing a ranking for pages using distances in a web-link graph


The link-graph explained in the patent update can be viewed in the image below:




I know … it looks like the one from the Labyrinth of Crete, the myth of the Minotaur. You’d better hear Bill Slawski talk on the patents.



靠谱的买球平台’s decision to stop people from accessing the PageRank score was very inspired. They continue saying that quality content and natural links are the best choices and that decision must have been taken sooner. People shouldn’t focus on the numbers. It is not something you should follow and can be a hard thing to achieve only by looking and trying absurdly to get links from pages with a high PR. The PageRank Patent update helps them qualify pages based lots of other rank factors.


2. The Role Played by Pagerank in Search Engines Results


靠谱的买球平台 PageRank was one of the first algorithms used for “sorting” the search results. 靠谱的买球平台 confirmed it:

The heart of our software is PageRank™, a system for ranking web pages developed by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. And while we have dozens of engineers working to improve every aspect of 靠谱的买球平台 on a daily basis, PageRank continues to play a central role in many of our web search tools.
靠谱的买球平台 logo 靠谱的买球平台

PR wasn’t the sole factor in the way web pages were ranked, but it has a high importance in the search engine optimization process. 靠谱的买球平台 used lots of other sophisticated text-matching techniques to show relevant web pages for each search query. The nice part was that everyone could see the PageRank for their web site and for their competitors, as well, by using the 靠谱的买球平台 toolbar PageRank.




PR enjoyed some years of glory when it was something that everyone was using and following to get high scores. Which eventually will lead to page boost to get featured in the first results of 靠谱的买球平台 search.


Inevitable, every good thing at some point is used for bad purposes. The same thing happened with 靠谱的买球平台 PR. Spammers artificially inflated the backlink profile just for the sake of having lots of links on domains with high PR. The problems appeared when some people focused on getting a large number of high PR pages with few effort without realizing it is not enough. They avoided content and lots of other ranking factors which had a great importance as well.


Spammers started selling and promising PageRank boost. The blame fell on the PageRank (and on the so-called experts) for lots of things: spammy emails asking for links, trashy comments with links, forums filled with shady links.


The PR has begun to decline when 靠谱的买球平台 launched Chrome with the possibility to search from the address bar built-in (see the picture below) . You could search directly in the address bar and even if you wanted to get the 靠谱的买球平台 toolbar, which was irrelevant at this point, you couldn’t because 靠谱的买球平台 never released a version for Chrome.




Besides the selling and buying business for links with high PR, it seems that multiples websites experienced PageRank loss because of the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Some site owners refer to it, and since there was nothing to restore it, they basically gave up on PR.


3. 靠谱的买球平台 Shut down the Pagerank Toolbar. Why & How This Impacted SEO


After the launch of Chrome, when 靠谱的买球平台 began to lose the attention on PageRank, other browser dropped the support for it. Firefox in 2011, 靠谱的买球平台 removed it in 2016, and they have been officially closed it down from Internet Explorer, too.



Some wanted to keep using it, while others were expecting 靠谱的买球平台 to do this sooner especially after John Mueller’s announcement that they stopped updating the PageRank scores. He was asked in one 靠谱的买球平台 Hangout why there are so many PR6 sites that are spammy and are getting away with it, even if he reported the problem various times in over one year.



At 19:00 you can check the whole conversation and John Mueller’s response:


There are a few things where we do take action that you might not see directly. Toolbar PageRank is something that we have not updated for about a year now, and we’re probably not going to be updating it going forward.
John Mueller SEO John Mueller
Webmaster Trends Analyst at 靠谱的买球平台


That being said, he gave another reason why 靠谱的买球平台 PR toolbar died, slowly but inevitably. Even if 靠谱的买球平台 removed the toolbar scores from the public view, the marks of those who changed the web will remain. Unfortunately, black hat SEO hurt you , the internet and everyone else.


Retiring the PageRank display from Toolbar helps avoid confusing users and webmasters about the significance of the metric.


The SEM Post had a talk with a 靠谱的买球平台 spokesperson regarding their decision to remove PageRank from 靠谱的买球平台 Toolbar and they confirmed it is was related to the final user:


As the Internet and our understanding of the Internet have grown in complexity, the Toolbar PageRank score has become less useful to users as a single isolated metric. Retiring the PageRank display from Toolbar helps to avoid confusing users and webmasters about the significance of the metric.
靠谱的买球平台 logo 靠谱的买球平台


You shouldn’t believe everything you are told in a blink of an eye. It wouldn’t hurt you to take things with a grain of salt.




Long story short, the long debate regarding 靠谱的买球平台 PageRank patent should be taken into consideration, but people shouldn’t freak out about it. Search engine optimization will work as it did until now and rankings won’t be shaken up by this update.


靠谱的买球平台 PageRank update isn’t something scary. It was an algorithm update; something that needed to be done. The PageRank wasn’t updated for a long time. If you did your job right, then nothing is going to change for you. What everybody should remember is to focus on quality links, since they always worked and always will be in style. 

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